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P     a     u     s     e

to stretch, to reach, to breathe…

Feel stronger, more  flexible and more energetic as you navigate your busy life!

Yoga is not about touching your toes… 
it’s about what you learn on the way down.
- Judith Hanson Lasater, Ph.D.

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Lisa Griffin-Seidel, RYT, owner and teacher at Catspaw Yoga and Catpaw Cushions, has been practicing yoga for over 19 years.  She is a Certified Structural Yoga Teacher and teaches Structural Yoga™ in ongoing regular classes, private and semi-private (2 people) sessions, yoga parties and yoga at the office. Catspaw Yoga is located in Wheat Ridge, near I-70 between Wadsworth and Kipling.  It is also very accessible from Arvada, northwest Denver, Golden, Lakewood and Westminster, Colorado.

Structural Yoga™ is yoga adapting to the individual; Yoga that fits and aligns your body within its natural limitations, in combination with vinyasa-flow, breath-work and strength in asanas-poses.

If you want more energy after a long day of work or are a weekend warrior and want more energy to begin your work week, to play with your kids, or to increase your overall well being, you can come to an ongoing class.  If you have a specific problem, we can design a custom yoga practice that meets your needs.  As we go through life, we don’t have to be tired and tight.



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