What is a Zafu?

Zafu!What is a zafu (meditation cushion) and how to use it?

A translation of zafu is a cushion for sitting, where “za” means “sitting” or “to sit,” and “fu” means “cushion,
tealgoldbolster, a long pillow or cushion that provides support”; it can also mean “strengthen, reinforce, boost, fortify, or renew.”

We use a zafu to support us. We also want to have support and good posture as explained by WindMind.

I will be using different illustrations over the next few weeks about the various postures you can use with your zafu.


At Catspaw Cushions and Yoga we make locally-handcrafted meditation, yoga and home accessories, and offers yoga instruction. Products include zafus traditional round meditation cushion and rectangle pillows and eye pillows and neck-wraps with removable covers, that can be heated or cooled.

With our festive cartoons by Matt Holman, we will show you how to use our cushions for your meditation practice, yoga practice, or  just hanging around with friends and family.