Inspiring Support – Festive Meditation Cushions

DSC_0150DSC_0012DSC_0142DSC_0129When it comes to types of  yoga and  or meditation technics there is a lot to chose from.  We need to choose methods that  that support us, and truthfully, some of us choose better than others.

Getting physical support, such as the right props or cushions, getting the emotional support and does your practice support your spirit, are  important questions to ask yourself.

How to use a zafu  is a guide for how to use a meditation cushion or prop when you sit on the floor, folding laundry, coming to a restorative pose, eating  dinner or coming to meditation.   We need to be inspired.  I gravitate toward inspiring fabrics for my meditation cushions.

Here are a couple of links  from my  email inbox that my assist you on your meditation journey, Deepak Chopra and Oprah – Finding your Flow , Arianna Huffington – On Becoming Fearless  and the Wild Divine

The question really is what inspires to begin and continue to come back.