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Pause to stretch, Pause to reach, Pause to breathe

Catspaw Yoga logoCome practice Yoga in our peaceful, renovated turn-of-the century barn, that was once part of a beet farm in rural Wheat Ridge, CO. You’ll feel stronger, flexible and more energetic as you navigate your busy life.

I’ve been practicing yoga for over 19 years, and am now a certified Structural Yoga Teacher.  My Teacher is Zoe Kowalchuk.

Structural Yoga seeks to adapt yoga to fit your body’s abilities. It is yoga adapted to your body – not everyone else’s – and seeks to align your body within its limits.  Structural Yoga also emphasizes Vinyasa (the practice of flowing transition between poses), breath work, and developing strength through asanas (poses).

I continue to expand my yoga knowledge by attending workshops, classes and monthly Sadhana (“journey”) with local, national and international teachers.  Most recently, I have attended the Iowa City Yoga Festival, the Estes Park, CO Yoga Journal Conference, and the Denver Chant Fest.

Yoga is very grounding for me.  As I have gotten older, and busier with a wider variety of tasks, my practice keeps me centered.  Before focusing my time and energy on teaching yoga, I worked as a photographer at newspapers and exhibited art shows at galleries.  Now, I’m currently raising two very energetic young boys.

My logo is from my family name. The GRIFFIN, a mythical creature with the body of a lion and wings of a eagle, has its origins in the ancient east, where it was said to guard the gold of India.  In Christian iconography it symbolizes the dual nature of Jesus – the divine represented by the bird, and the human by the lion.


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