Ok, Ready Set Meditate ;)

On Sunday, 60 Minutes featured a story on Mindfulness reported by Anderson Cooper, it follows him to a Jon Kabat-Zinn retreat and giving up all digital “stuff”.  But the one thing they did not talk about was posture and how do you stay seated whether you are on a meditation cushion also known as zafu or seated in a chair. I […]


Wake Up Fest 2014

We at Catspaw Cushions are very excited to set-up a meditation room at this year’s WakeUp Fest put on by Sounds True, August 20-24, in Estes Park, Colorado They have a very exciting line up and here is a link to somepodcasts of some of their presenters. We have new inventory of meditation cushions also […]

Inspiring Support – Festive Meditation Cushions

When it comes to types of  yoga and  or meditation technics there is a lot to chose from.  We need to choose methods that  that support us, and truthfully, some of us choose better than others. Getting physical support, such as the right props or cushions, getting the emotional support and does your practice support […]


feet and yoga

a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step       Lao Tzu When I teach a yoga class I usually include a couple simple stretches for the feet. One is curling your toes under like photo and also coming to the tops of the feet  both can be done standing, setting in […]

How to Zafu – Supported Bridge

As I continue the “How to Zafu” series Bridge Pose with Meditation Cushion – Setu Bandha Sarvangasana, We can continue to learn to how to support our body using a meditation cushion or zafu.  This link about Bridge Pose from Yoga Journal give a good brief description of the traditional asana. It is important to find what recharges us. […]


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