Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas? What do I get someone? That is always the hardest question for me to answer. Great gift ideas are something that the person could use, and they had not thought of. This spring there are always occasions to buy gifts from graduations to showers and of course Mother’s Day. Most of us rely […]


Tree of Life

What did the tree learn from the earth to be able to talk with the sky? Pablo Neruda Before humans invented a written language, they used symbols to depict their relationships with themselves, each other, life and the universe. As civilization progressed and the written word over-took the need to communicate with symbols, we are […]


We all experience stress daily. There is a little irony that in April it is #stress awareness month and #humor month. As a yoga instructor and meditation cushion manufacturer, I want to have many tools to deal with #stress. What is stress?  Strain, pressure,  tension, worry, anxiety, trouble, difficulty, hassle. Some stressors can be large or small but we all need to find […]


Knee Problems for a Yoga Teacher

While I have been a yoga teacher for may years I never encountered classic knee problems for a yoga teacher until recently. ( http://www.knee-pain-explained.com) I tore my meniscus.  I could not walk well, but I still could teach yoga, and I could not demo every pose – asana. I went to physical therapy with the thought […]


Procrastination Holiday

Although may of us procrastinate even the littlest things there actually might be some sound scientific reasoning behind the act.  Additionally who would have thought there was an actual time to celebrate or honor procrastination?  So many articles, books, and talks are devoted to being on top of it.  So according to Wikipedia procrastination is […]


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