Thanks for visiting Catspaw Yoga and Catspaw Cushions. We offer a variety of yoga classes focusing primarily on structural yoga and we also manufacture our own meditation supplies. We are located near I-70 between Wadsworth and Kipling – a short drive from most anywhere in the Front Range! You can find our contact information below and please don’t hesitate to leave feedback.

Catspaw Yoga has been offering yoga classes for the past 5  years. We’ve also introduced our own line of meditation products which you can locate at our store here. Catspaw takes pride in both our classes the products we manufacture and your feedback and comments are welcome.

Our classes offer a very personalized approach to yoga, yoga that adapts to the individual.  Lisa is a certified Structural Yoga Teacher. Her focus is targeted yoga adapted to each individuals abilities. You can find us on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook and we would love to hear from you!

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For more information on our classes and normal schedule, please visit our Yoga Schedule here.

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