How to use a Meditation Cushion Zafu


Proper Posture

A meditation cushion, otherwise known as a zafu, can be helpful for correcting posture as well as being useful during normal yoga sessions. The translation of zafu is a cushion for sitting.  Za means sitting or “sit” and Fu means cushion.   These cushions provide much needed support during yoga. They also beneficial in strengthening your core, reinforcing your posture, giving yourself a boost, fortifying your resolve, and renewing you chi.

Catspaw Cushions uses traditional buckwheat hulls to fill the cushions so that the meditation cushion supports and contours to your body. You can find out more about our custom-made zafu cushions by visiting our store.

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Examples of Zafu Use

Below you’ll find an assortment of uses and poses that can performed with a zafu. As always, respect your bodies limits and consult a physician before attempting any advanced poses.

Cross Legged Pose
Simple cross legged position
Open Shoulder Pose
Open Shoulder Pose
Hero's Pose
Supported Hero Pose (lay zafu flat or on side)
Legs Up the Wall
Legs up the wall
Supported Bridge Pose
Supported Bridge Pose
Seated Chair Zafu Under Feet
Seated with zafu foot support
final_sketches_3 final_sketches_2 final_sketches_4
final_sketches_6 Seated Chair Zafu Behind Back final_sketches_1-2

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